Saturday, February 04, 2006

WCPO: Maupin's Hope To Raise $100,000 For Scholarships


BATAVIA, Ohio (AP) -- The parents of the only soldier the U.S. Army lists as missing-captured in Iraq hope to raise $100,000 for scholarships that will go to high schools chosen by the families of 32 servicemen who were killed.

Keith and Carolyn Maupin, the parents of Army Reserve Sgt. Keith "Matt" Maupin, will host a dinner dance to raise money on April 9, the second anniversary of their son's disappearance.

Maupin has been missing since 2004, when his fuel truck convoy was ambushed by insurgents west of Baghdad after leaving camp.

The families of the 32 area soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq will each pick a school to receive a share of the scholarship money, said June Izzi-Bailey, a family friend.

Tickets will be sold for $30 each, $50 for couples and $300 for a table of 10.

"It's a lot of money, but we are determined to do this, to remember those who have given their lives," Carolyn Maupin said.



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