Thursday, January 26, 2006

Outing the Pork Barrel spending in Congress


As noted in the column below, Dr. Tom Coburn is getting serious about tackling the pork issue. Senator John McCain is signed on too. Here is a copy of a letter sent by the duo to all of their colleagues. Pasted below is an explanation of that letter from Senate staff. This is good news.
In short, Senators McCain and Coburn announced their commitment to challenge each and every earmark on the floor of the Senate. In addition to challenging each and every pork project, Senators Coburn and McCain will also oppose the inclusion in conference reports of any earmarks that did not pass either the House or Senate. As stated in the letter, the practice of inserting earmarks into conference reports at the last minute “stifles debate and empowers well-heeled lobbyists at the expense of those who cannot afford access to power. Decisions about how taxpayer dollars are spent should not be made in the dark, behind closed doors.”
Big time hat tip to Coyote Blog.


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