Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fox News does a puff piece on Congressman Shadegg

On Tuesday, January 24, 2005, Fox News' Major Garrett did a poorly researched puff piece (video, also the link 'Quietly Gaining Support' at As Seen on 'Special Report' ) on Congressman John Shadegg; one of three candidates for House Majority Leader.

In his report Garrett states the following in contrasting Congressmen Blunt's and Boehner's involvement with lobbyists with that of Shadegg's:
Blunt and Boehner now endorse a variety of lobbyist reforms. Both however retain deep historic ties to the lobbyist community. Shadegg does not.

Hmmmmh...Let's see what our friends at Google have to say about 'Shadegg and Lobbyists' and 'Shadegg, Lobbyists and Arizona':


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