Thursday, January 26, 2006

Confirmed: cost of new facility for Western Cotton Research Lab over $13 Million

In the November 23, 2005 update to the original post that broke the story on the Western Cotton Research Lab (WCRL) it was reported that U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center will be the new home of the the WCRL. Here's an artist's rendering of the new facility:

It was also noted that at least two reports (1st, 2nd) put the cost of the new facililty at $28 million in federal dollars.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has resulted in the following details on the proportional costs for the WCRL in the new joint facility that will also house the U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory:

This is in response to your December 19, 2005, email requesting information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act regarding a proportional estimate ofthe design and construction costs for the new Western Cotton Research Laboratory (WCRL) at Maricopa, AZ.

The WCRL has not yet been relocated to the Maricopa Agricultural Center. We anticipate that the costs of the two laboratories, the WCRL and the U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory, will be very closely split. As a result, we estimatethat 50% of the budget for this facility can be assigned to the WCRL, which equates to $13,953K.
[ed. i.e., $13.9 million]

We hope this information is helpful.


Stasia Hutchison
FOIA Office, ARS

Now we know for certain the full benefits that have been bestowed upon the two Arizona lobbyists at the expense of the American taxpayer. They include the conveyance of the old facility that was built to benefit them as well as a new facility at a cost of over $13 million.

Keep in mind that the old facility was to have been sold to fund the new facility...that is until Ed Pastor and the Arizona congressional delegation interceded.

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