Friday, February 03, 2006

S.O.B Alliance's new blogs

BizzyBlog's write-up sums it up nicely:

The heartiest of welcomes to the following new S.O.B. Alliance members:

  • Cleveland’s Courageous Conservatism — Courageous is quite the conservative, and appears to have quite a dislike for Instapundit, which I’m sure I’ll understand, if not agree with, in due course.
  • Lincoln Logs — Linc is from Marietta, had some influence on the Joy Padgett-Terry Anderson Ohio House race in that area, and appears to have earned some disdain from the whiny, elitist left as a result (congrats on that).
  • Kettering’s Return of the Conservatives — The blog is heavy on pictures, pithy in its commentary, and high in substance. Darth Dilbert’s motto: “Sith Happens.” Yeow.
May the blogforce be with all of you.


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