Friday, October 07, 2005

Stuck on Stupid: Senators opposing the BRAC recommendations

And just how do Senators like Grassley, Durbin, Obama and Harkin suggest that we make the military more efficient if they go about opposing their own Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) (official site) process?

Congress created the most recent BRAC in 1990 for the very purpose of removing it from the political process:

The push for the 2005 round of BRAC began in earnest in 1998 with the publication of The Report of the Department of Defense on Base Realignment and Closure, which stated that the Pentagon still maintained an excess base capacity of nearly 25 percent.
Is it to much to ask that parochial concerns yield to an efficient national defense system?

Detals for the recommendation and how they will affect Ohio can be found on page C-19 of Closure and Realignment Impacts by State . To net it out:
  • 9 Facilities will be closed
  • 6 Facilities will see gains in personnel
  • 5 Faciliies will be realigned


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