Thursday, October 06, 2005

Senator "It's all vital.." Landrieu throws a hissy fit.

Senator Mary Landrieu criticized the Senate Thursday for working on passing defense legislation while refusing to deal with the needs of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

She went on to argue that the two-thirds of the $63 billion that Congress already has provided in hurricane relief has not been spent by FEMA.

Landrieu says Congress should re-direct the $14.7 billion of the money set aside to provide health care for evacuees, pay the salaries of public employees and provide relief and help to public schools, hospitals and small businesses.

From: Sen. Landrieu Upset About Senate Priority

This is from Ms. "It's all vital. There's not anything in here that we would consider a wish list or pie in the sky. This is what we really believe is essential" in her attempt to redefine the meaning of hutzpah.

Senator Landrieu and Governor Blanco are trying to out bid each other for the STFU Award.



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