Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A thought provoking retort for Miers' opponents

Dennis the Peasant has a thought provoking retort for those like George Will ( 'Miers is the wrong pick') expressing dissatifaction with SCOTUS candidate Miers:
...After spending the odd month or so tisk tisking the Democrats on Advise and Consent, we’ve got everyone from Michelle Malkin to George Will to Rush Limbaugh immediately rising up and raising loud objections about Harriet Miers on the issues....

...Oh, yeah… To all you lawyers and law professor types, irrespective of political bias: Put a sock in it. The Constitution was drafted by practical men who possessed enough common sense to write it in plain English. It’s less complicated than the Tax Code. So the idea that a real good lawyer who passed on the whole academic and judgeship routine to practice in the Real World can end up on the Supreme Court isn’t one that invokes much horror in those who inhabit said Real World. We know you think you’re the priesthood, and that only the priesthood can devine the meanings of the sacred text, but don’t take our silence on the matter as agreement with that particular thesis. For the most part, we’re just humoring you.

And one more thing, it wasn’t nine Real World lawyers like Harriet Miers that gave us Kelo, my friends. Nor are they banning the Pledge of Allegiance every other week. That we get from the priests, thank you very much!
Note: Porkopolis supports a removal of any reference to 'God' in the Pledge of Allegiance and restoring it to it's original form; not a banning of what is otherwise an inspiring and patriotic pledge.

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