Monday, October 03, 2005

Cincinnati Enquirer: Blogs test campaign freedoms

An article in today's Enquirer looks at blogs in the political process.

Like most things in life, blogs can be a two-edge sword.

Porkopolis aligns himself with the following sentiment expressed in the article, the application of The Golden Rule and the philosophy that sunshine is the best disinfectant:

...Tim Tagaris, who writes for Democratic U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown's blog and, separately, for, said most bloggers take great care to document what they write with links and evidence.

"If someone is just putting out complete trash on a daily basis, no one is going to read that site," Tagaris said, adding that reporting about scandals is by no means something that is only done online.
Porkopolis will continue to strive for fact-based analysis and commentary and welcomes readers to 'call me out' when they feel I've missed the mark on that self-imposed standard. Respectful and intelligent differences with the commentary is also encouraged.


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