Monday, October 03, 2005

Rebuilding in New Orleans:"...negligent homicide"

"It would be negligent homicide to put people in the Lower Ninth," said Russell Henderson, a veteran community organizer who has formed the Rebuilding Louisiana Coalition. "If you put people back in there, they're going to die."
This quote, from the Washington Post's '9th Ward: History, Yes, but a Future?', is one person's thoughts on rebuilding the New Orleans' 9th Ward, but it just as easily could apply to all of New Orleans.

Possible federal dollars for the rebuilding of New Orleans necessitate Congressional hearings as to the long-term viability of the sinking city and the costs/benfits associated with any rebuilding effort. If New Orleanians want to rebuild on their own dime, they are more than welcome to build anywhere they want.

For the emotion-free case against rebuilding New Orleans, you're invited to review the scientific evidence and commentary at 'Discussions on alternatives to rebuilding New Orleans' .




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