Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dallas Newspaper Flip-Flops on Pork

From the Club for Growth:

The Dallas Morning News, as Virginia Postrel has keenly noted, flip-flopped on their editorial page. First, they suggested that the city give back their pork to help with the Katrina recovery effort (good), and then, on the very next day, they changed their minds (bad).

But that’s not the end of the story.

Apparently, they
tried to prevent the original editorial from being made available on Lexis-Nexis (very bad). A spokesperson for Lexis-Nexis called the disappearance of the article “kind of a mystery”. After getting caught, it appears that the DMN has finally loaded the story onto Lexis-Nexis…9 days late. One writer offers up this pearl:

“To err is human. To err and cover up is also human. To err and cover up and then get busted for covering up and then make amends, if not divine, at least [is] the right move.”

If I were living in Dallas, I would immediately drop my subscription to DMN. Those sneaky, hypocritical cheats.



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