Thursday, September 29, 2005

Porkbusters: Not One Dime For Porkers

Captain Ed's contribution to Porkbusters is an expansion of his Not One Dime campaign:

...Tell your Congressperson that while they protect the pork we discover, while they continue to vote for budgets with these useless and wasteful projects when the funding could defray the hurricane relief efforts, we will send Not One Dime to their efforts to re-elect their incumbents.

Voting for
outdoor art museums as part of a transportation bill? Not One Dime More for Porkers.

baseball lessons from a foundation set up by a wealthy former baseball player? Cal Ripken might be a great guy, but the government needs its $3 million for higher purposes. Not One Dime More for Porkers.

Unwilling to rethink priorities and
excusing it by demanding that federal money get spent on the 'burbs as well as the big cities? Not One Dime More for Porkers.


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