Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Contrarian thoughts on Artic ice melt and the "serious consequences" it portends

The 'Hidden Ocean' Under Arctic Ice (with full audio ) is part one of a two part report by NPR's Morning Edition. The series covers an expedition to the Artic to survey the effects of ice melt on the ecosystem. As short write-up of the report on the NPR web site states:

The Arctic Ocean is one of the most unexplored places on Earth. It's also changing rapidly -- in the summer, sea ice is melting more quickly than usual, due to rising air temperatures.

These changes could have serious consequences for Arctic ecosystems...

In the report itself, a biologist notes that there are microorganisms in the Artic Ocean that are dependent on the ice for their lifecycle. The scientist notes that the melting of the ice may lead to their extinction.

This is one possibility.

But then again hasn't the Earth gone through a series of Ice Ages followed by warming trends?

That being the case, haven't these microorganisms, and the Artic ecosystem as a whole, found a way to adjust to the long term, natural cooling and warming trends?

A more balanced report would have incorporated this historical evidence.


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