Tuesday, September 27, 2005

CNN: New Orleans Levee Problems Might Not be a Federal Issue After All

Via NewBusters comes this video link to a CNN Story with this analysis:

On “American Morning,” John King visited South Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, a coastal community just thirty-five miles south [that's south...as in closer to the Gulf of Mexico than New Orleans, see map] of New Orleans. What he found was quite surprising: a town that has been hit by Katrina and Rita just like New Orleans, but has not suffered near the damage.

Why? Well, because the local community decided to augment federal funds for their levee system with local tax dollars to install higher quality storm and hurricane protection than what surrounding parishes and cities did. As a result, CNN this morning gave us all a wonderful look at what happens in this nation when local communities look out for themselves without relying on the federal government's protection.



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