Monday, September 26, 2005

Glassy Steel

Golf clubs made of bulk metallic glass

ORNL researchers have developed a new bulk amorphous steel that is non-magnetic at room temperature and significantly harder than conventional steel.

ORNL researchers have discovered a new steel that is significantly harder and potentially stronger than ordinary steel yet has a jumbled atomic structure like glass. The glassy steel, which has been described in Physical Review Letters and Nature, also may have better magnetic properties and corrosion resistance than industrial steel, which has an orderly crystalline structure.

Possible applications for this bulk amorphous steel, or iron-based bulk metallic glass, could include tougher medical implants, lighter aircraft, die tools, tennis rackets, and golf clubs.

Golf clubs made of bulk metallic glass The properties of bulk metallic glasses—alloys whose atoms are almost randomly arranged—are usually superior to those of counterpart materials whose atoms are arranged in repeating patterns typical of crystals...

From: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review


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