Friday, September 30, 2005

Hugh Hewitt makes the case for Journalistic Malpractice on PBS

Transcript of Hugh Hewitt on the PBS' News Hour making the case that the media blew the Katrina story:

...They failed to report on the basic issues surrounding who deploys the National Guard; they failed to report on why the Salvation Army and the Red Cross were forbidden by state officials to deliver supplies to the Superdome and the convention center. They failed to report what happened to the buses; they failed to establish a chronology -- so addicted did they become to the idea that at last, after two years of media collapse - I mean, we go back to Jayson Blair and Rather-gate and Eason Jordan -- it's been terrible two years for the American media.

They finally had something in which they could appear quasi heroic, and they tried very hard to appear quasi heroic, and in so doing they botched the story. And I just have to object to my fellow guest here, it wasn't that they missed things; there were sins of omission, it's that they reported panic inducing, fear inducing, hysteria inducing mass sort of casualty events, looting, pillaging, murder sprees, sort of the most squalid journalism you could imagine, and I have to ask them and ask the media generally, don't we have to go back and find out how to guard against this sort of thing, because we've had mass disasters in the past, we're going to have them in the future -- if media becomes addicted it to -- they told me it was so I'll put it out there -- that's terrible for democracy to have a media that is willing to suspend their disbelief and report urban myth.

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