Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Now we can say FEMA screwed up

Up until now Porkopolis has been defending FEMA but this is indefensible:

The Associated Press
Tuesday, October 4, 2005; 11:20 PM

PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue team has been suspended by a federal agency because it brought armed police officers for protection on hurricane relief missions.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's conduct code prohibits urban search-and-rescue teams from having guns.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon called the reaction from FEMA "stunning, unbelievable, bewildering and outrageous."

Phoenix's team included four police officers who were deputized as U.S. marshals when they participated in relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

The team was credited with plucking more than 400 Katrina survivors from rooftops and freeway overpasses in flooded sections of New Orleans.
Washington Post: FEMA Suspends Phoenix Rescuers Over Arms



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