Monday, November 27, 2006

Must See TV!: Kicking the Pork Habit---Not!

Looks like Congress is at it again. Brian M. Riedl, was featured on C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning (video at approximately 02:30:00) where he discussed the very detailed report he wrote for the Heritage foundation: 'Congress Returns to Spending Bills Loaded With Pork':
Congress’s pork gravy train rolls on despite promises to slow or stop it. As Congress returns to finish the final 11 appropriations bills for fiscal year 2007, it will take up House and Senate bills currently containing an estimated 10,000 pork projects, about as many as last year. Members of Congress should listen to the demands of frustrated voters and eliminate these projects.
Mr. Riedl details how political contributions and federal grant writing go hand-in-hand.

The report provides a partial list of the aggregious earmarks.

BizzyBlog posts on an effort by Senator Coburn and DeMint to stop the last minute pork spending in the upcoming appropriations bills. Their efforts have the potential of saving $17 billion dollars.


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