Sunday, November 12, 2006

DeWine: Tipping Point Reached

After the primaries in May, Porkopolis analyzed the results for Senator Dewine in 'DeWine puts off the tipping point...for now':
  • DeWine got 37% of all votes cast in both primaries in 2006 (553,212 / 1,493,935); that represensts 10% less of all votes cast when comparing the 2000 and 2006 primary elections.
Assuming that the 37% of all votes cast in the recent primaries represents the current sentiment of likely Ohio voters in November, DeWine needs to make up 13% again to be reelected. This time he needs to do so without Presidential coattails and with the disaffection of conservative voters.

The unofficial results of the elections show DeWine received 44% of the votes...DeWine only made up 7% from May to November.


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