Thursday, November 23, 2006

Enquirer's Howard Wilkinson would benefit from reading BizzyBlog's post on Schmidt's win

'A GOP gimme no longer' is the Enquirer's Howard Wilkinson's somewhat snarky political analysis of Gene Schmidt's election win in the 2nd District of Ohio:
...In her brief career as congresswoman and candidate, she has turned Ohio's 2nd Congressional District from one of the most solid, unshakeable Republican enclaves in the country into a toss-up battleground in the never-ending tug of war between Republicans and Democrats for control of Congress.

And, Democrats and Republicans agree, it is likely to stay that way as long as Schmidt is on the scene...
Wilkinson quotes two party Republicans in making his case that Schmidt herself is a primary reason for the 'turnabout'.

BizzyBlog (Schmidt Wins: A Look at Fantasy v. Reality) does his usual deep-dive analysis and provides context to Wulsin's (Schmidt's challenger in the election) good showing.

After reading Wilkinson's and BizzyBlog's pieces, the average reader may start seeing mental images of Penlights and Lanterns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its interesting that Wilkinson interviewed two party Republican's that worked against Schmidt to make his case. Next thing Hamilton County and Brown County will blame Schmidt for their lose of safe Republican County Commissioner seats. After all both Counties are in the 2nd Congressional District. The Enquirer should consider firing Howard & Malia and hiring Bizzy. We would finally get some honest reporting.

November 24, 2006 at 1:04 PM  

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