Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ted Strickland and local taxes: useful links and facts

Questions are being raised as to candidate for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's residency and where/if he has paid local taxes to:

The first article in the list above reports the following:

Democratic candidate for governor Ted Strickland's voter registration is being challenged by -- believe it or not -- another Democrat...

...The challenge alleged that Strickland, while registered to vote in Lisbon [,Ohio], actually lives in a condominium in Columbus [,Ohio] -- from where he files his tax returns...
Here are some some basic facts and links to aid the curious Ohioan:

  • Short article from the National Tax Payers Union on Do Members of Congress Pay Income Taxes? (Answer: Yes)
  • A search for "Strickland, Ted, OH" on phone record search site returns one match for a Ted & Frances Strickland in Columbus, Ohio and Strickland, Ted in Lisbon, Ohio. Mr. Strickland is married to Frances Strickland.
  • Here's the Google Map for the Columbus and Lisbon locations.
  • Here's the Google Map for the 6th Congressional District of Ohio.
  • The City of Lisbon, Ohio Tax Code states the following:

    To provide funds for the purpose of general municipal operations, maintenance of equipment, new equipment, extension, enlargement and improvement of municipal services and facilities and capital improvements of the Village, there shall be and hereby is levied a tax upon the earnings at the rate of one and one-half percent upon the following:

    (a) On all salaries, wages, commissions, and other income or compensation earned on and after January 1, 1990, by resident individuals of the Village.

    (b) On all salaries, wages, commissions, and other income or compensation earned on and after January 1,1990, by non-resident individuals of the Village. If a non-resident individual taxpayer filed for a refund on the basis of work or services performed outside the Village of Lisbon, the taxpayer shall have the burden of providing sufficient documentary evidence to the satisfaction of the Village Income Tax Clerk as to the percentage or portion of work done or services performed or rendered outside the Village.
  • The City of Columbus, Ohio Tax Code states the following:

    The following persons must file an annual return on Form IR-22 -or- Form IR-25 and a Declaration of Estimated Tax for the current year on Form IR-21:

    A RESIDENT of Columbus or any of the cities listed for which Columbus administers the tax having earned income from which total city income tax due has not been fully withheld, and/or who engages in a business or profession either in your city of residence or another location...
  • Chapter 3503 of the Ohio Revised Code (Voters - Qualifications; Registration) with ยง 3503.02. Rules for determining residence
  • At you will find 1995 to 2005 Personal Financial Disclosure forms for Congressman Strickland.


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