Tuesday, October 10, 2006

FedSpending.org! (with links to video announcing the launch)

Via the Sunlight Foundation:
OMB Watch and Center for Responsive Politics
Unveil Oversight Tools

Sites track federal spending,
congressional conflicts, junkets
and the revolving door

OMB Watch and the Center for Responsive Politics launch powerful new Web-based tools for tracking government spending and congressional accountability in a live press conference. The one-hour event—which can also be viewed online from this page—will feature a 30 minute press conference and 30 minute introductory demonstration of the new sites.

For the first time, itemized information on the more than $12 trillion that the federal government has disbursed between 2000 and 2005 will be available to the public on a user friendly, searchable Web site. FedSpending.org, a project of OMB Watch, provides citizens with a detailed look at how the government spends their money. Also at the event, the Center for Responsive Politics will release three new online databases on OpenSecrets.org—one that digitizes financial disclosure forms filed by members of Congress, making them fully searchable, a second that contains information on junkets taken by members and their staffs but paid for by private interests, and a third, work-in-progress database tracking the revolving door in Washington.

Archived Webcasts of the launch: WindowsMedia and RealMedia


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