Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Energy Bill, Nuclear Energy, Duke Power

The recenly signed Energy Bill extends limits on liability in accidents from Nuclear Power plants. This is a positive development for meeting the ever increasing electricity power production demands without increasing greenhouse gas production. (See: The Future of Nuclear Energy)

Duke Energy (which is in the process of acquiring local Cinergy) is considering building a new plant, but is probably also waiting to see what the political/environmentalist-sky-is-falling climate will be. From Will nation bring back nuclear power?:

The country has 103 operational nuclear reactors. The 1979 partial meltdown of Three Mile Island and the 1986 explosion at Chernobyl, Ukraine, effectively halted interest in new nuclear plants.But interest among U.S. utilities has recently heated up, though there are no hard plans for a new reactor.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke Power has said it is considering a new nuclear plant but won't pick a site or design until the end of the year. Even then, Duke may decide not to build it. Other utilities are looking at sites in Illinois, Mississippi and Virginia, while a consortium of U.S. nuclear-power companies is looking at potential sites.

Besides the power generators, other compaines that could benefit from a renewed construction of Nuclear Power plants include France-based AREVA, Siemens of Germany and our own General Electric.

Full Disclosure: Porkopolis has investment holdings in Cinergy and General Electric.


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