Monday, August 08, 2005

Drudge on Banking services for illegal immigrants

Drudge is higlighting this Banking on illegal immigrants story but a few blogs have been covering this issue for sometme including Porkopolis, BizzyBlog and SayAnything:

"It's institutionalizing illegality," said Marti Dinerstein, president of Immigration Matters, a New York-based think tank. "Now there's no distinction being made between the people that follow all the rules and those who break our laws by entering the country or overstaying their visas." ...

...Bill Schumer, vice president of product development at Fifth Third Mortgage Co., a unit of Fifth Third Bancorp. (Research), said the company entered the marketplace due to the belief that providing these low-to-moderate income loans will help revitalize communities in the United States, as borrowers buy more run-down properties and rebuild.

Fifth Third Bancorp is based in Cincinnati.

Pre-emptive question: To commentators like Ralph (see comments at SayAnything) that claim that highlighting this outrage is all about a "paranoid radical anti-immigration movement":

What about the words illegal immigration don't you understand?


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