Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Matt Maupin

Happy Birthday Matt Maupin. Ohioans of all political stripes hope for your quick and safe return. A diligence to Matt's return should be a priority for aspiring Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

Update: Ohio 2nd asks a fair question; though the link to 'priority' alluded to the answer. To be more specific, the representive of the 2nd District should be monitoring our government's efforts to find Matt. Reminding the Commander in Chief of the situation is a very important step in this effort.

Think of how many others, when given an opportunity to meet with the President, would try to veer the conversation to a favorite pet project or some other agenda. Ms. Schmidt used that opportunity to remind President Bush about Matt Maupin and she should be commended for that.

Another thing Ms. Schmidt could do is take Rob Portman's lead in activities like this. Were Hackett to be sent to Washington representing the district, we should expect no less from him on behalf a of a neighbor and constituent.


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