Thursday, July 14, 2005

Political Cohones

So Joe Wilson is asking for Karl Rove's firing. Talk about political cohones; especially when you consider the evidence of Wilson's disingenuousness.

Some may be reminded of similar audacity from a burgular suing a homeowner.

Aren't secret agent double-oh-you're-such-a-zero Wilson's 15 minutes up yet?

Update: Now this is some serious fisking.

Update 2: Fire Rove? How about Jail Wilson?

Update 3: Plame security breach? It just ain't so, Joe

As I wrote in this space a year ago, an ambassador, in Sir Henry Wootton's famous dictum, is a good man sent abroad to lie for his country; this ambassador came home to lie to his. What we have here is, in effect, the old standby plot of lame Hollywood conspiracy thrillers: rogue elements within the CIA attempting to destabilize the elected government. If the left's view of the world is now so insanely upside-down that that's the side they want to be on, good for them. But ''leaking'' the name of Wilson's wife and promoter within the CIA didn't ''endanger her life'' or ''compromise her mission.'' Au contraire, exposing the nature of this fraudulent, compromised mission might conceivably prevent the American people having their lives endangered.
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