Sunday, July 10, 2005

Looking forward to the day when...

Is anyone looking forward to the day when stories like 'Who are these women?', by Krista Ramsey, are a thing of the past? Specifically, viewing women (and men) myopically through a simplistic social-economic lens? Why doesn't the writer take a more holistic view?


Many of the women written about are (or are striving to be) part of a greater social-economic whole; a loving and supportive family. When one considers that, the balance sheet Ms. Ramsey attempts to construct is incomplete. What economic value should we place on the reality for some (and the hope for others) of a woman's choice to stay home and raise her family's children?

Stay-at-home moms skew the social-economic statistics cited in the article, but would anyone argue that many of these women would respond 'priceless' to the question of what value the opportunity to stay home is to them? The raising of children for the next generation is the most important 'job' in our society and it is best done in a family setting for social and economic reasons.

Commentators/reporters like Krista Ramsey should go beyond using narrow beams from the journalist's flashlight in an attempt to bring illumination to social-economic issues. The spherical light emitted by a lantern would be more appropriate.


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