Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Interview Request: Rob Portman

Just put in a call to the Rob Portman's office requesting an interview. Here are some of the questions I plan on asking him if we're able to set something up.

  • Do you read a bill in its entirety before you vote on it?
  • What's your philosophy on deficit spending?
  • What would be your definition of Pork Barrel Spending?
  • I've documented specific spending items in the last two Omnibus Bills that I consider Pork. Can we review a few of them and get your take on how they are justified as federal spending as opposed to local spending?
  • Is being a Congressman what you expected it to be? What's the best/worst part of it.
  • I know, that like me, you have kids. Don't you feel responsible for leaving them a legacy of debt?


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