Monday, January 03, 2005

Virgina Horse Center Grant

One of the $1,000,000 grants in H.R. 4818 is to the Virginia Horse Center.

Here's a description on what they offer from their web site:


The Virginia Horse Center is a 600 acre (ed. That's a lot of land!!) state-of-the-art environment for horse shows and other livestock events. There are currently eight barns to accommodate 750 horses in permanent stabling, and approximately 1200 horses indoors in permanent and temporary stabling. Two of the barns are winterized, which along with their proximity to our 4,000 seat indoor coliseum, allow the horse show calendar to extend throughout the year.
Click Here for Facility Map
The Virginia Horse Center has twelve show rings, including the 150' x 300' indoor Waldron Arena in the Howard P. Anderson Coliseum. There is a five mile cross country course, and when the
Oak Hill Development is completed there will be a steeplechase course, a steeplechase timber, and a carriage driving course as well.
The Center also offers such amenities as a
campground, a restaurant and catering service with banquet facilities, a gift shop, and more.

Looks like a nice I might even go to with my family. However, not something that should be funded out of public dollars, or more specifically, public dollars when the federal government is already running a deficit.

I written and email to the Director of Marketing, Public Affairs, & Development for the Horse Center and wil share her response (if any) here:

Ms. Lethia:

According to the recently passed Omnibus Spending Bill (H.R. 4818) the Virginia Horse Center received a $1,000,000 grant. The acutal text of the legislation is:

SEC. 791. There is hereby appropriated $1,000,000, to remain available until expended, for a grant to the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia.

Can you please provide information on what exactly that grant will be utilized for?

Mario Delgado
Maineville Ohio


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