Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pork closer to home

In an earlier post I noted that the Virginia Horse Center got a $1,000,000 grant awarded in the recent Omnibus spending bill. In the section of the legislation immediately before that grant is another grant that is being spent/wasted closer to home.
Here are the details:


SEC. 790. There is hereby appropriated $1,000,000, to remain available until expended, for a grant to the Ohio Livestock Expo Center in Springfield, Ohio.

Here's the link to the Ohio Livestock Expo Center; it's part of the Clark County Fair. And from the Clark County home page, it looks like the county residents know how to have a great time. (The picture on the left is a shot of a tractor-pull. If you've never been to one I highly recommend it. I once saw a 'pull' in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. I spent two summers on a farm there. The tractors at the pull had retro-fitted jet engines; a true work of art and engineering.)

I have nothing against the good folks up in Clark County, but that grant is being financed with deficit spending. In addition, why didn't they petition their county or state representatives for those funds? Can't we set priorities back here at home?

Here's another interesting little tidbit. I did a search on just Ohio Livestock Expo Center and came up with this hit. Yes-sir-re-bob, that thars Senator George V. Voinnovich's name on the side of that building. In all fairness, this building was probably built and funded when he was Governor; hopefully funded with local dollars.

I've put in a call to their budget office to see if in fact that's the case and will report back here with my findings.


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