Saturday, May 23, 2015

Towards Accountable Public Service

Paul Singer, USA Today's Politics Editor, was on C-SPAN's Washington Journal recently discussing the Office of Congressional Ethics' probe of ten members of the House of Representatives.  They are accused of accepting an improper trip in 2013 from a state oil company in Azerbaijan.

The topic inspired in me recommendations for accountability in government.  My public service is currently limited to serving on a small community board for homeowners.  But if I ever sought higher office, the following would be part of my platform/promise to my fellow citizens if they were to entrust me to represent them:

  • I promise to be the worst politician and best public servant that will ever represent you.
  • Every conversation that I have in my capacity as your representative will be recorded and made easily available for public review; along with my official schedule.  If an individual or group wants to meet with me in my capacity as a representative and does not agree to have the conversation recorded, I will not speak to them but will consider their issues in writing; which will also be publicly available.

    The only exception will be conversations pertaining to community or national security; as required by law.
  • I will not vote on a piece of legislation unless I have completely read it.
  • I will treat the spending of your money with the same care you took in making it before it was taxed.


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