Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Must C TV: Former Secretary of State Clinton's Use of Email

C-SPAN has a Judicial Watch panel discussion on Hillary Clinton's email-gate:

 C-SPAN Video Link

Related: Washington Examiner: Feds should have told national archivist of Clinton's private email abuse:
State Department officials who briefed Secretary Hillary Clinton on administrative policies and procedures soon after she took office were obligated to inform her of federal laws and regulations requiring her to use an official email account for government business and to inform the national archivist if they believed she was not doing so thereafter.

"I would say the top career officer in that briefing was obligated to make clear what the law requires and then to contact the national archivist at the National Archives and Records Administration," said American University Professor Daniel Metcalfe Tuesday. "The archivist would then call Hillary Clinton and tell her of the requirements of the law," he said...

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