Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WSJ Op-Ed on Common Core: Making Math Education Even Worse: American students are already struggling against the competition. The Common Core won't help them succeed.

The WSJ Op-Ed on Common Core everyone should read; by  Marina Ratner who professor emerita of mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley. She was awarded the international Ostrowski Prize in 1993 and received the John J. Carty Award from the National Academy of Sciences, of which she is a member, in 1994.

...This [Common Core] model-drawing mania went on in my grandson's class for the entire year, leaving no time to cover geometry and other important topics. While model drawing might occasionally be useful, mathematics is not about visual models and "real world" stories. It became clear to me that the Common Core's "deeper" and "more rigorous" standards mean replacing math with some kind of illustrative counting saturated with pictures, diagrams and elaborate word problems. Simple concepts are made artificially intricate and complex with the pretense of being deeper—while the actual content taught was primitive... 


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