Thursday, May 15, 2008

WSJ Op-Ed: The Republican Health-Care Surrender

Dick Armey pulls no puches on calling out his fellow Republicans:
...The plan Mr. Grassley advocates, S. 334 (legislation originally proposed by Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden), would create even greater chaos and upheaval in America's health-care system than Mrs. Clinton's current proposal. It would force the majority of Americans who are already covered to give up their current, employer-provided plans.

Unfortunately, Mr. Grassley is not alone. Six other Republican senators – Mike Enzi (Wyoming), Bob Bennett (Utah), Judd Gregg (New Hampshire), Norm Coleman (Minnesota), Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) and Mike Crapo (Idaho) – have either introduced or co-sponsored bills that require mandates. These Republican plans feature even more stringent insurance demands for individuals than the one proposed by Barack Obama, who (at least for now) would only mandate insurance for children...


Anonymous Canada life insurance said...

There have been so much emotions in politics since beginning of the world and no matter if they are democrats or republicans. And when you choose such topic as health care is, then it's done. Chaos and bigger chaos, in spite of creating something complex, logical and coherent... And it's not only in US, take a look on article on our life insurance in Canada site, about doctors and private insurance...
P.S. Do you believe "surrender" is the right word?

May 15, 2008 at 5:38 PM  

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