Thursday, May 08, 2008

Follow-up: Oil: Are we half empty or half full?

The post Oil: Are we half empty or half full? higlighted Peter Huber's book 'THE BOTTOMLESS WELL: The Twilight Of Fuel, The Virtue Of Waste, And Why We Will Never Run Out Of Energy'.

Instapundit points us to another critical-thinking rich analysis: Peak Oil Doomsters debunked, end of civilization called off (emphasis added):
...No matter how well and rapidly we prepare, bad things might still happen. Civilization, indeed human life itself, depends on Fate. Soon and fast collapse of oil production, super-bug pandemics, larger asteroid or comet impact, massive climate changes, eruption of a super-volcano, or a supernova exploding within 50 light years … the number of high impact - low probability scenarios is legion. But we live our lives in defiance of these things, not in fear of them...


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