Monday, May 05, 2008

Report: NYC spends $65M a year paying teachers pulled from classrooms; some in limbo for years

Via an AP Report:
NEW YORK - The number of city teachers yanked from their classrooms because of accusations of wrongdoing has doubled in four years, and some spend years collecting their salaries while awaiting disciplinary hearings, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Their pay costs the nation's largest public school system an estimated $65 million a year, not including the cost of hiring substitutes or renting space for the so-called "rubber rooms" where accused teachers spend their work days, the Daily News reported.

Accused of offenses ranging from excessive lateness to sex abuse, an average of 700 teachers at any given time read magazines, play cards and nap in the "rubber rooms" — officially, Temporary Reassignment Centers, the newspaper reported. It cited city data...


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