Friday, May 16, 2008

Doth Protest Too Much

Jay Tea at WizBang just has a way with painting images:
Just 'Cos

There's an old Bill Cosby bit that deals with shop class. One of the kids thought it would be funny to put a bullet in the furnace. Then, in the middle of class, the bullet explodes quite loudly.

The shop teacher, wanting to find out who did it, starts insulting the student who'd do it. "You'd have to be pretty low-down to put a bullet in the furnace." When that doesn't work, he starts in on the student's mother. "You know, it says something about the mother of a person who would put a bullet in a furnace..."

At that point, one student stands up and shouts at the teacher. "I didn't do it, and stop talking about my mother!"

I was reminded of that yesterday when I heard that President Bush had denounced appeasing terrorists and the states that back them, without naming names, and everyone immediately leaped to Senator Barack Obama's defense.

And there are those who say Bush is a lousy communicator? Here he was, talking about Neville Chamberlain, but EVERYONE knew he was really talking about Senator Obama.

And even if he was (OK, he was talking about a whole bunch of people who hold that position, the most prominent proponent of that being Senator Obama), what did he say that was so wrong?

I don't think so...
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