Thursday, June 28, 2007

Voinovich votes "Nay" on Cloture

Via HotAir (emphasis and link added):

Update: The yes/no switchers were Bingaman, Bond, Brown, Brownback, Burr, Coleman, Collins, Domenici, Ensign, Harkin, McConnell, Murkowski, Ben Nelson, Pryor, Stevens, Voinovich(!), Warner, and Webb. Republicans are in boldfaced. I guess you can thank Sean Hannity for shaming Voinovich into flipping.
The official Roll Call.

Update: Right Angle Blog's tongue-in-cheek Our hero, George Voinovich, does it!...Yeaaaah, that's the ticket!



Anonymous Anonymous OH voter said...

I thank the radio only for the morning clip that mentioned 'Voinovich wants to hear from constituents'.

After Dewine, I'd basically given up on the ORP-sponsored (R)-labeled Senators to listen to their constituents. Saw similar sentiments from fellow Ohio voters in the comments at malkin and at polipundit. We Ohioans hadn't bother to call Voinovich since he wasn't on the lists of could-be-influenced, reinforced by history with MW and GV had us jaded.

But when I heard the radio comment, I then got on the phone and then also used his internet submission site. Might as well give it a try, since he said he wanted to hear from us.

After accomplishing the phone and internet-submission tasks, I then saw Bizzyblog's June 25 post: "George Voinovich 'Has Not Indicated'...Help Him Decide".

Thank you bloggers, especially Porkopolis and Bizzyblog, for making that phone call and posting about it. The trickle effect -- to the radio then to voters who then got on the phone -- made a difference!

P.S. I had called Brown's office last week, and again on 25 June. He listened too!!

Wow. Both OH Senators voted "NO". For the first time in a long time, I can be proud of my Senators' votes.

My biggest THANKS goes to those fellow OH citizens who called !!
with a big Hat Tip to the OH bloggers who helped get us basic information,
and an additional Hat Tip to Hannity.

June 28, 2007 at 12:22 PM  

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