Monday, June 25, 2007

Immigration Crackdown: "The president has set tough numerical goals for yearly expulsions, and quotas for questioning suspected illegal aliens."

Hopefully you weren't drinking any hot liquids when you read the post title. The president Stanley Kurtz of NRO is referring to is the president of France:
In a move that will surprise — maybe even shock — America’s conservatives, the president has apparently decided to put deportation at the forefront of his immigration policy. This is not window-dressing, but a serious and sweeping national crackdown on illegal immigration. The president has set tough numerical goals for yearly expulsions, and quotas for questioning suspected illegal aliens.

The only drawback here is that I’m talking about the president of France.

Even so, the emerging crackdown on illegal immigration goes well beyond France. The European Union has just proposed a tough new plan, featuring sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Under the proposed new policy, ten percent of Europe’s companies would be inspected every year, employers would be required to run identity checks, fines would be levied on business violators, and employers who repeatedly or egregiously breach hiring laws would be subject to severe economic penalties or imprisonment.

That’s not all. The European Union as a whole, many of its individual states, and even immigrant destinations outside the EU (such as Russia) are moving to negotiate “readmission accords” with African and Asian nations. In return for financial help and the creation of well-monitored guest-worker programs, the EU hopes to obtain agreement from third-world nations to accept deported illegal migrants.

In short, Europe as a whole is moving toward a sharp crackdown on illegal immigration — with a plan built around deportation and tough employer sanctions.

Media Silence

Funny how there’s been little more than a whisper about any of this in America’s mainstream media. True, some papers ran a story last week — about a group of leftist artists and academics protesting French President Sarkozy’s new Ministry of Immigration and National Identity. The story was little more than a press release for these anti-Sarko radicals — presenting no opposing views, and creating the impression that only far-right followers of Jean-Marie Le Pen support Sarkozy’s tough new immigration policy. Actually, the French favor Sarkozy’s new immigration ministry by a margin of three-to-one...



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