Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Senator Voinovich's Statement on Immigration Bill Cloture

Senator Voinovich's press secretary was contacted with a specific request for an official statment on the Senator's expected vote on the immigration bill cloture vote. Here's the email response in it's entirety:
While Sen. Voinovich thinks the current bill is far from perfect, he strongly supports border security and a way to bring people out of the shadows. He will continue to try to make this bill better—in his eyes, the status quo is not a possibility.
A follow-up request was sent out re-requesting that the question of the cloture vote be addressed. As of this posting, no response to the second request has been received. If one is received, it will be posted here in an update.

Update: Voinovich voted for cloture. As noted before, our RINO in chief (WMD calls him RINOvich) is in need of an intervention...better yet retirement ala the former Senior Senator DeWine.

Update 2: BizzyBlog is calling out Senator RINOvich:
I’m a never-say-never type of person, but I can tell you that I have no current plans to waste any more of my time on George Voinovich, except to defeat him. All the money in the world wouldn’t have saved Mike DeWine. George is a very slow learner.
Update 3: Voinovich on Hannity...Euphamistically Clueless

Update 4: Voinovich votes "Nay" on Cloture




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