Saturday, September 02, 2006

Journalistic Sin of Omission: New York Times is conveniently incomplete in its Plamegate reporting

The New York Time's 'New Questions About Inquiry in C.I.A. Leak' attempts a factual review of the Plamegate case. The article was prompted by revelations that former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage was the original “no partisan gunslinger” (as Robert Novak originally described him) source revealing Ms. Plame's ( aka Mrs. Wilson) involvement in her husband's, Joe Wilson, now infamous trip to Niger.

While the NYT's article goes into great detail with many of the historical facts of the case, it is conveniently incomplete on one key detail (emphasis added):

...Some administration critics asserted that her identity had been disclosed in the Novak column as part of a campaign to undermine her husband. Mr. Wilson was sent by the C.I.A. in 2002 to Africa to investigate whether the Iraqi government had obtained uranium ore for its nuclear weapons program...

Indeed, "Mr. Wilson was sent by the C.I.A in 2002 to Africa...". What the article conveniently omits is that a bipartisan Senate intelligence committee report found that none other than Joseph Wilson was specifically recommended for the mission by his wife [Valerie Plame Wilson], a CIA employee, contrary to what he [J. Wilson] has said publicly.

Another example of the Times' use of a pen light

to 'illuminate' when a lantern

is called for.

Update: Don't miss More Armitagegate follow-up...a must read.



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