Thursday, October 20, 2005

"There goes Stephen Hayes, practicing journalism again."

Wizblog's introduction to Stephen Hayes' Weekly Standard article is priceless:

There goes Stephen Hayes, practicing journalism again. Check out his detailed timeline of events leading up to Plame's so-called "outing" as a CIA agent, which makes clear the key truth which has been consistently avoided in mainstream media accounts of the affair, but which is nevertheless pretty well documented by now. And that is that Joseph Wilson is a liar.

He claimed in his NYT op-ed that his trip to Niger had turned up no evidence to support the previous intelligence reports that Iraq had sought to purchase "yellowcake" uranium from Niger. At best a distortion, if not an outright lie, as his CIA debriefing would later show. He claimed his wife had nothing to do with him getting the Niger gig. A lie. He even claimed to have had a role in debunking a set of documents that turned out to have been forged. De-bunk.


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