Monday, June 05, 2006

Plain Dealer's Politics' new wild card: blogs

'Politics' new wild card: blogs' in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer (HT: SOB Alliance) reports on the contributions Ohio's bloggers are making to state politics. Mark Naymik, the article's author, opens himself up to a charge of over-generalization with respect to his characterization of 'Righty bloggers' (emphasis added):
Righty bloggers, often more conservative than Ohio's GOP leadership, got excited about a little-known and ultimately unsuccessful Republican challenger to Sen. Mike DeWine. But they stoutly defend the Republican Party against the "culture of corruption" theme by posting regular reports about errant Democrats.
Porkopolis, for one, has been one of the toughest blogs on Congressional Republicans and would make the case that "culture of corruption" would apply to both parties:

Here are some sample posts as evidence:


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