Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ohio Senate urged to kill a sweetheart tax break

BizzyBlog is all over this:
Y’know, we elect representatives and senators to follow the law and do what they can, through OVERALL tax and fiscal policy, to help this state’s economy grow.

We don’t elect them to hand out goodies. We sure as bleep don’t elect them to subsidize large retailers at the expense of small ones (or vice-versa for that matter).

We also shouldn’t have to watch their every action 24-7-365 for any indications that they’re breaking their promises to voters. And if we don’t, and they sneak something by us, they want us to think it’s our fault. Gander Mountain has nine stores to run; they don’t have time, and shouldn’t have to make it, or hire a consultant, to make sure the state isn’t pulling the rug out from under them.

The Senate Finance Committee’s defense is pure, unadulterated horse manure.


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