Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tails are wagging for a new season of the best show on television

The Dog Whisperer was recommended last year by this blog as The Best Family Show on Television.

This season dog psychologist Cesar Millan takes Reality TV to a new level with riveting stories of redemption; for both dogs and their owners/pack leaders.

Watching this show you're guaranteed to say, "There's no way Cesar is going to rehabilitate that dog." at least once during the start of an episode only to be totally blown away by the care and expertise used by Cesar as he turns the situation around.

In Episode 9 Cesar even serves as a pre-marriage counselor (very tastefully done) helping to salvage a relationship between fiancees and a pit pull.

This is the most family friendly show on television that hones its viewers intelligence rather than insulting it. This show appears to be filmed in Los Angeles but the producers so far have kept if from going 'Hollywood'. Part of the reason may be that it is aired on the National Geographic channel.

Why this show isn't on primetime taking the place of a Survivor or The Amazing Race is a mystery.


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