Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cincinnati Enquirer: Profile: Carolyn and Keith Maupin

April 9 will mark the the two year anniversary of Matt Maupin's captured in Iraq. The Enquirer provides an update on his courageous family.

'Sometimes I ask myself, "Why me?" ':

...How his parents, Carolyn and Keith Maupin, survive each day was summed up by Matt's father one night earlier this month as he spoke to a group of other military parents meeting in Blue Ash.

"There are four hours left in this day," Keith said, pointing to a clock on the wall. "That means four more hours that we could get the phone call that tells us Matt is coming home. And if that phone call doesn't come, another 24 hours will start. And maybe that will be the day.''...
If you're reading this safe at home, thank the Matt Maupin's or our military and their families for the sacrafice they make on our behalf.



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