Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Americans for Prosperity "Ending Earmarks Express" Bus Tour will be making stops in Ohio

From the Porkopolis e-mail bag:

Nationwide “Ending Earmarks Express” Bus Tour To Roll Into Cleveland & Akron on April 10:

WASHINGTON – The nationwide “Ending Earmarks Express” bus tour will roll into Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, on Monday, April 10, to help turn up the grassroots pressure for spending restraint in Congress.

The Ending Earmarks Express, which is sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF), will kick off in Washington, DC, on Friday, April 7, before making Monday’s two stops at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Akron University. Cleveland and Akron-area citizens who are concerned about skyrocketing federal spending and want to attend the group’s event in Cleveland should e-mail info@afphq.org for more details.

“Lawmakers need to hear this message loud and clear from taxpayers: it is time to put an end to the earmarks extravaganza,” Americans for Prosperity Foundation President Tim Phillips said. “Taxpayers will not sacrifice their hard-earned dollars or their freedom and prosperity for wasteful pet projects any longer. We’re going to shine a bright light on earmarks because they need to end now. With our citizen activists on board, AFPF’s Ending Earmarks Express will rally taxpayers across our nation in support of a smaller and more accountable government.”...


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