Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Porkbusters: Appropriations Leaks, AP Listens

This post on Porkbusters is priceless:

From a D.C. source:

Staff of the House Appropriations Committee recently (within the last day or two) leaked to the Associated Press details of Member appropriations requests. The leaked information included the total number and dollar size of earmark requests (e.g., 20 requests for a total of $50 million) for each individual member.

Whose requests, you ask? They leaked the requests of every single co-sponsor of
H.R. 1642 [ed: link to Jeff Flakes press release announcing the bill], a bill that requires that all earmarks be included in bill text (not hidden in committee or conference reports). The tactic was obviously retaliatory. Funny how they use this information to intimidate, yet they refuse to release all of it for the purpose of taxpayer enlightenment.

I'm told that an AP story is being written about this but has not yet been published.

We at Porkbusters look forward to the AP story on this leak, and especially to seeing how the AP explains the mysterious connection between the Representatives whose earmark lists they just happen to have received...


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