Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Medicare: Did you know?

A quick follow-up to 'Must See TV: C-SPAN's coverage of the White House Conference of Aging':

Slide 25 of Mr. Walker's presentation ( 1:14 into the video provides the following information for Medicare Part A:
  • In 2004 we started going into negative cash flow for Hospital Insurance
  • 2007 is the estimated trigger date for "Medicare funding warning"
  • 2012 is the projected date that annual "general revenue funding" will exceed 45 percent of total Medicare outlays
  • 2020 is the projected date that Hospital Insurance Part A trust fund will be exhausted, the annual income will be sufficient to pay about 79% of the promised benefits
We thought we had a problem with Social Security? It pales in comparison to the problem with Medicare which is already here. And we just made it worse by recently adding the prescription drug benefit.

Our Congress (House and Senate) is Missing in In-Action:


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