Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Congressman Murtha is quite the piglet when it comes to pork barrel spending

Ignoring a History of Pork and Earmarks:

Any cosmetician worth her salt will tell you that the most important step in a quality makeover is to apply a first-rate foundation. In the case of the character reconstruction that has been expertly crafted on John Murtha (D-Pennsylvania) the past five days, it appears the foundation was a complete avoidance of his history as one of Congress’ most renowned pork-barrel spenders.

To be more precise, the recent left-wing love affair with Mr. Murtha totally ignores past depictions of him as being “a leading pork-barrel politician” who is often in the middle of a great deal of questionable spending related to defense contracts...

...What is truly fascinating about all this is that the picture the left and their media minions have painted of Rep. Murtha since his call to withdraw American troops from Iraq suggests an almost saintly quality. For instance, on Friday, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi referred to Murtha as “One of the most distinguished Members to ever serve in the House of Representatives.”

One has to wonder how all this earmarking makes a person so distinguished, especially in an era of exploding budget deficits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Murtha's 32-year lifetime record with CAGW is 15% (Hostile to taxpayers).

Link to start of CAGW scorecard for 108th (previous) congress (can't seem to get a URL for the page that has him):


Tom Blumer

December 6, 2005 at 5:17 PM  

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